We are the Dwarves is a new action-RPG with three unique protagonists that can be controlled separately or together. Either passively or by stopping the action altogether, players can issue commands using their wide variety of abilities.There is a lot of incoming dwarves  these days in the games – there is also  The Dwarves video game from German developers  KingArtGames, announced in june – we wrote about it in june 2015- here is the link – The Dwarves. Continue reading WE ARE THE DWARVES

Rise of the Tomb Raider -PC release date

Rise of the Tomb Raider za PC bi mogao da bude u prodaji 29.januara kako pretpostavljaportal Amazon.Igra je takodje dobila i svoju Steam stranicu,medjutim tu je datum oznacen kao januar 2016.Xbox verzija se pojavila na policama radnji 10.novembra,a vlasnici PS4 konzola ce morati da sacekaju decembar 2016. Continue reading Rise of the Tomb Raider -PC release date

Ken Levine’s next game will be both “small-scale” and open world

Ken Levine has some hugely impressive games to his credit: Thief, System Shock 2, and of course BioShockand BioShock Infinite. None of them are exactly what you’d call small games, but it sounds like his next project will be. Levine said during an On Point segment on NPR (via Gamespot) that while nothing is carved in stone at this point, Irrational is currently working on a “sort of a small-scale open-world game.” Continue reading Ken Levine’s next game will be both “small-scale” and open world

Assassins Creed Syndicate review

Every year Assassin’s Creed series struggles th show the audience that every new game is truly a fresh experience.But is it so?Syndicate had to choose between ancient lore and underdeveloped modern-day elements and it chooses wisely leaves out multiplayer entirely, and pushes a lot of that baggage into the background, largely freeing itself up to make the most of Victorian London and have fun with sneaking, climbing, and stabbing. Continue reading Assassins Creed Syndicate review

Elite Dangerous:Horizons landed december 15

With a bang, a flash and a rather well put together launch trailer, Elite Dangerous: Horizons has touched down. At least, part of it has. Horizons refers to a ‘season’ of expansions rather than any one update in itself—today we’re actually getting the first instalment of the Planetary Landings component. Any rocky world you find can now be set down upon and explored in the new Scarab recon vehicle. Earth-like waterworlds are to follow in a future update (and I have my fingers crossed for exogorths). Continue reading Elite Dangerous:Horizons landed december 15