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Bus Simulator 18 is getting additional missions

Bus Simulator 18 is a very niche sort of game, but it does what it does quite well—not perfectly, but good enough to make Andy Kelly sweat about blowing past a turnoff with a full load of tightly-wound commuters. And now it’s a little bigger and a little better thanks to the release of the first free mission pack on SteamContinue reading Bus Simulator 18 is getting additional missions

New Skywind Trailer

Skywind is a very big, very ambitious modding project that seeks to bring the whole of Morrowind, the land of The Elder Scrolls III, into the newer, prettier realm of Skywind, also known as The Elder Scrolls V—or, more precisely, the Creation Engine that drives it. It’s been in development for well over three years now, and as the new “Envision” trailer reveals, it’s come a long way. Continue reading New Skywind Trailer

Elite Dangerous:Horizons landed december 15

With a bang, a flash and a rather well put together launch trailer, Elite Dangerous: Horizons has touched down. At least, part of it has. Horizons refers to a ‘season’ of expansions rather than any one update in itself—today we’re actually getting the first instalment of the Planetary Landings component. Any rocky world you find can now be set down upon and explored in the new Scarab recon vehicle. Earth-like waterworlds are to follow in a future update (and I have my fingers crossed for exogorths). Continue reading Elite Dangerous:Horizons landed december 15

Multiplayer Ships Coming Right to Elite:Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous developer Frontier announced on Friday that multi-crew ships and an avatar creator will be part of its new season of DLC, dubbed Horizons, in 2016. We already knew that the galaxy-sized flight sim would introduce planetary landings later this year, but ships crewed by groups of players has also been high on players’ wishlist since the game arrived on Kickstarter in 2012. Continue reading Multiplayer Ships Coming Right to Elite:Dangerous