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Tactical RPG All Walls Must Fall

Takticki RPG All Walls Must Fall je smesten u fiktivni period hladnog rata u Istocnom Berlinu. Igru pravi studio Inbetweengames koji je sacinjen od bivsih clanova studija Yager i igara kao sto je Spec Ops.U istocnom Berlinu hladni rat i dalje traje,Berlinski zid je tu i radnja je smestena u 2089.godinicu.Igra ce vam ponuditi da prebrodite opasnosti pomocu opcija kao sto su nocni zivot, putovanje kroz vreme, da budete drustveno neprimetni ,kako god vi odlucili u toku igranja. Continue reading Tactical RPG All Walls Must Fall

HITMAN – Agent 47 episode 5 – Colorado

The opening part of Colorado is an excellent scene-setter. This time, Agent 47 is tasked with taking out different group of  targets: among them – bomb-maker and radical terrorist Sean Rose, former assassin and the militia’s training instructor Maya Parvati. Continue reading HITMAN – Agent 47 episode 5 – Colorado

Assassins Creed Syndicate review

Every year Assassin’s Creed series struggles th show the audience that every new game is truly a fresh experience.But is it so?Syndicate had to choose between ancient lore and underdeveloped modern-day elements and it chooses wisely leaves out multiplayer entirely, and pushes a lot of that baggage into the background, largely freeing itself up to make the most of Victorian London and have fun with sneaking, climbing, and stabbing. Continue reading Assassins Creed Syndicate review

HITMAN Delayed for March 2016

For all Hitman series fans comes a news about delaying this years version of Hitman game.Previously announced for december 8th 2015,Hitman has been scheduled for march 2016.This is not bad at all because it gives danish team IO Interactive enough time to set it right. Continue reading HITMAN Delayed for March 2016