Indie horror Claire has been given a makeover and was released on PS4 and Vita as a cross-buy title today. The original has been available on Steam since July 2014, where it has garnered positive reviews from PC players. This is a survival horror to its core, pitting its main character against a world where everything seems determined to kill her.Image result for claire game

The concept for Claire is simple enough. Players must guide Claire through a terrifying nightmare world, a reality that is in shambles, and flashbacks of a frightened childhood. She has to face vengeful apparitions to find her comatose mother, balancing panic with the need to move further into the darkness. There are others lost in the darkness who Claire can choose to help along the way, as well as her trusty dog Anubus.

Developer Hailstorm Games says that the updated Extended Cut is closer to the team’s original vision of whatClaire could be. They have overhauled the lighting and shadows to give a the game a more dimensional look, using a completely new engine. They describe the new look as 2.5D, with more depth than the original without sacrificing the retro feel. They kept the sound and style of the game intact. Fans of early survival horror titans can still find little love notes to the genre in the sound effects and menu style, and a soundtrack that channels shades of Silent Hill. It is only fitting that Claire finally made it Playstation to join the family.Image result for claire game


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