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The Last of Us 2 remastered – coming soon

The Last of Us Part 2 is an action-adventure title with mild survival horror mechanics. A direct sequel to Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, Part 2 picks up five years after that game’s final scene, with main characters Joel and Ellie living out their days in the large survivor community of Jackson, Wyoming. The threat from the cordyceps virus remains a central theme, but an early-game event places as much emphasis on the heavily expanded cast, and their deeply personal quests for vengeance. Continue reading The Last of Us 2 remastered – coming soon

The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan

Na Playstation 4 konzoli ne nedostaje naslova koji su vrhunski.U prethodnih nekoliko godina PS 4 je zaista nadmašio ocekivanja.Što se tiče horor naslova, Untill Dawn je pre neku godinu zaista ostavio odličan utisak i ako imate Playstation nabavite igru i odigrajte je.Tim koji je radio Untill Dawn nastavlja sa radom i u toku su radovi na novoj horor igri: The Dark Pictures Man of Medan. Continue reading The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan


Indie horror Claire has been given a makeover and was released on PS4 and Vita as a cross-buy title today. The original has been available on Steam since July 2014, where it has garnered positive reviews from PC players. This is a survival horror to its core, pitting its main character against a world where everything seems determined to kill her. Continue reading Claire

System Shock remake coming soon

Last week, Nightdive Studios teased new in-game PC footage of its forthcoming System Shock remaster. Running on Unreal Engine 4, some prospective players suggested the reimagined Citadel Station looked better when powered by Unity—as it had been in last year’s pre-alpha demo. The game’s director Jason Fader has now addressed why Unreal was chosen, where he and his team’s priorities lie, and what a “faithful reboot” exactly entails. Continue reading System Shock remake coming soon


French indie studio Gloomywood has released another trailer for their game 2Dark. Headlining with the talent of Frédérick Raynal, creator of the Alone in the Dark franchise, this survival horror title has a man named Mr. Smith sneaking into the dens of serial killers in order to save the kids captured inside. With a top down, quasi-2d style to help stomach the disturbing material, you’ll stealth and fight your way around these slaughterhouses with the help (or hindrance) of a system based around light and sound. Continue reading 2Dark


Tangiers is a dark, uneasy game – an exploration of broken cities and landscapes.

“…Tangiers must see the light of day, and I trust in Mr Harvey’s passion to see that happen.” – Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“…striking art style and bold ideas have certainly left me hungry to find out more.” – Eurogamer

“I don’t know where Tangiers has been hiding, but I’m glad it’s finally emerged from the shadows of its stark industrial environment…” – PCGamer

Tangiers is a blend of stealth and exploration for Windows, Mac and Linux built within the Unity engine. Continue reading Tangiers


Sometimes, the best outcomes in life are astonishingly happenstance. I never meant to review Detention, but it landed in my inbox during a particularly busy time for all of our writers. The game looked good, but the trailer did not set it apart from the crowd of games residing in my action list. It sat for a moment, nearly forgotten, until CJ reminded me that it needed to be covered. I accepted that task, downloaded the game, and thought I could sneak a quick look at it between chapters of some other games I am trying to review. Continue reading Detention