Tangiers is a dark, uneasy game – an exploration of broken cities and landscapes.

“…Tangiers must see the light of day, and I trust in Mr Harvey’s passion to see that happen.” – Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“…striking art style and bold ideas have certainly left me hungry to find out more.” – Eurogamer

“I don’t know where Tangiers has been hiding, but I’m glad it’s finally emerged from the shadows of its stark industrial environment…” – PCGamer

Tangiers is a blend of stealth and exploration for Windows, Mac and Linux built within the Unity engine.


At its heart, Tangiers sits on a traditional stealth engine. Keep to the shadows, keep quiet and use your abilities to manipulate a hostile environment. Levels are open ended – plan and choose your approach, infiltrate any number of routes, keep to the shadows and stay quiet.

While we’re keeping closely to this style of game and indeed aiming to go back to the genre’s roots, we don’t just want to repeat what’s been done before. A lot of similarities, yes – but almost all your interactions with the world, and the world’s interactions with you will be viewed through the concepts and ethos of our creative inspirations.

In Tangiers, you’ll play as an outsider, an interloper that doesn’t belong in this world. Your arrival has triggered events that are tearing at the fabric of reality – as you flit through existence an already off-kilter world folds in on itself.

Language plays a big role in Tangiers. Throughout the darkened city, players will be able to steal and manipulate dialogue for their own gain. In short, words are a cutting weapon in the player’s arsenal.

The industrial jungle that makes up Tangiers, too, plays its own part in the story; a world that crumbles beneath your fingertips and mends itself the more the player interacts with it.

“Architecture gets stubborn and refuses to obey the laws of time and space,” says Andalusian. “The civilians, they begin to envy architecture and follow suite. Concrete purgatory becomes hell. Tangiers is travelogue through a world aggressively redefining its state of being.”

If any of this has piqued your interest, you can learn more about Tangiers over on the game’s website

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