Dead Drop Studios has dropped their Resident Evil: Outbreak inspired game Outbreak on Steam. The top-down shooter will sound very familiar if you’ve played the similarly named Resident Evil game. The team has channeled classic PS2 survival horror games, and they’re hoping existing fans of the aforementioned RE game will finally be satiated.


A handful of playable characters: check. Online co-op: check.  Limited inventory: check. Extensive puzzles: check.Scary:check.

On the 13th of September 2039 news report of a sudden outbreak of an unclassified deadly virus in the eastern states of the USA. Within hours hundreds of thousands are infected and riots start to erupt as panic settles in. After exposure to the virus life expectancy is estimated to be a mere 48 hours, with no cure at hand chaos is complete.

The CDC and Homeland security declare a nationwide state of emergency, ordering everyone to stay indoors and prevent physical contact with the infected. All airports are closed, neighboring countries such as Canada closes its borders to prevent contamination from USA refugees.

The Army and National guard are deployed to quarantine the eastern states. They are ordered to prevent refugees and infected to escape by any means necessary. News reports of US soldiers killing US citizens and an infected president. The majority of the government officials are killed by the virus and a small delegation of the USA government flees to Anchorage, Alaska.Outbreak map

Due to the aggressive nature and unknown origin of the virus, the United Nations enforce an iron curtain surrounding the USA only to carry out multiple food drops. Only military flights are allowed to the continent of Northern America and trading over sea becomes forbidden. With the USA now totally isolated from the world, rumours tell of outbreaks in other countries. In November when winter settles down on the USA, most of the population has died. As sudden as the virus appeared, it vanished, leaving the few remaining people behind.

A terrible winter is holding the USA in its grip. The status of other countries remains unknown when food drops suddenly have stopped. The few remaining people are having a hard time to keep themselves alive and until spring the world seems to have stopped. Now the temperatures are getting warmer it’s time to find out who made it. 

Outbreak looks to fill the multiplayer survival horror void the genre maintains. I’ve not yet played it myself, but I hope it’s good. Outbreak is available now on Steam on sale for $10.49 (regular price: $14.99).

source:Rely on Horror

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