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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 review

PES 2017 is like a great coach. Great coaches don’t just pick the team and relax, but make every player better through incremental improvements to get individuals to work as a team. Through simple controls and fluid gameplay, PES 2017 removes the disconnect between thought and action for the first time in a football game. It’s your own private Guardiola. It’s a shame then that the best game of football is let down by a lack of innovation off it and ongoing online stability problems. Continue reading Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 review

ROCKET LEAGUE getting DLC in august

Rocket League is basically soccer played by cars that can fly. It’s so hot right now, and everyone who’s anyone is playing it, as evidenced by these motivational tips from some of the greatest sports figures of all time. Now more is on the way: Developer Psyonix announced today that the first paid DLC release, Supersonic Fury, will be out in August, alongside a free update that will add a number of new features, including Spectator Mode. Continue reading ROCKET LEAGUE getting DLC in august