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Ukoliko biste nekom prezentovali istorijski koncept u kome se susrecu, odmeravaju i jos pocinju da se bore divlji viking,vitez u sjajnom oklopu i samuraj, verovatno biste dobili prezrive poglede koji vas karakterisu kao neznalicu.Igra se oglusila o istorijsku tacnost, verovatno da bi sto vise karakteristicnih oruzja ovih ratnika zazveckalo ekranima i da bi sve bilo upakovano u “cool” ambalazu.Jer svi su culi za ove frakcije, koje se ovde bore za prevlast u okviru istog kontinenta. Continue reading FOR HONOR- Review

Youtuber Avoids Jail After Pleading Guilty Towards FIFA Gambling Charges

Update: As reported by Eurogamer, the UK Gambling Commission has now commented on the sentencing of YouTuber Craig “Nepenthez” Douglas.  Continue reading Youtuber Avoids Jail After Pleading Guilty Towards FIFA Gambling Charges

RPG genre describes my passion..likes to run…trying to be something like author


Dead Drop Studios has dropped their Resident Evil: Outbreak inspired game Outbreak on Steam. The top-down shooter will sound very familiar if you’ve played the similarly named Resident Evil game. The team has channeled classic PS2 survival horror games, and they’re hoping existing fans of the aforementioned RE game will finally be satiated. Continue reading OUTBREAK


Identity je najnoviji projekat grupe Asylum Entertainment koji su poznati po igri Altis Life.Igra bi trebalo da bude open-world sa mnogobrojnim mogucnostima za karijeru,izbor odnosa sa drugim ljudima,prelepom grafikom.Igra generalno moze da podseca na 3D varijantu Sims-a. Continue reading IDENTITY

No Man’s Sky – how they did it

No Man’ Sky je ogromna igra sa preko trilion mogucih planeta u njoj.Zamisljena kao impresivan projekat igra treba da se pojavi krajem juna.Evo sta autori pricaju o samom kreiranju igre,lore-u u njoj,oruzjima,planetama i brodovima. Continue reading No Man’s Sky – how they did it

EVE:Valkyrie review

A multiplayer spaceship dogfighting shooter set in the EVE Universe. The game uses virtual reality to give players the sense of being a real pilot in an EVE Online spaceship and will be released in 2016. Continue reading EVE:Valkyrie review

ARK:SURVIVAL Evolved included dino babies in update

D’awww, look at the wickle baby dinosaur, eating…eating my arm OH GOD NO. Ark: Survival Evolved’s latest update adds tiny toddler dinosaurs like the above, plus the ability to breed dinos together. You’ll be able to selectively breed better, faster, stronger, killier dinosaurs by doing this, which will be good news for us humans, I reckon. Continue reading ARK:SURVIVAL Evolved included dino babies in update

Overlord:Fellowship of Evil

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is a top-down, four-player co-op action RPG set in the Overlord universe, and developublisher Codemasters is hoping that someone, somewhere is up for that. We mentioned it back in April at the time of its reveal, and now, after a period of months, FoE is nearly out. Funny how that happens. The October 20 release date—AKA next Tuesday—has been revealed in a new trailer that riffs on those old Ministry of Information films your great-grandparents might conceivably have watched. Here ’tis. Continue reading Overlord:Fellowship of Evil