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Prison Architect is leaving Early Access in October—October 6 to be exact. However, Introversion’s prison management sim isn’t going to slip quietly out without raising the alarms: its story is being expanded with a new four-chapter campaign, while the game is getting a brand new mode upon release. Continue reading PRISON ARCHITECT


World of Tanks is a global phenomenon, and its success has become a new genre of sorts: the World War 2 vehicle shooter. World of Warships, the newest entry in the series after 2013’s World of Warplanes, is finally out of drydock and officially launched. Its mix of ponderous warships and huge guns—the biggest guns ever fired in anger by mankind—is beautiful, polished, and a joy to play. Warships is the most thoughtful Wargaming game so far, but its economy continues Wargaming’s pattern of expensive, exploitative freemium prices.Planning ahead is key for Warships. Continue reading WORLD of WARSHIPS


Play as Incendio, armed with your wits and a keg of gunpowder to liberate the town’s gold from the evil Boss Grimshaw in this explosive new puzzle game! 150 levels of mind-bending mayhem await as you blaze a gunpowder trail across the Wild West using mine carts, cannons, chandeliers, and more! Continue reading Gunpowder

Metal Slug

Metal Slug (Japanese: メタルスラッグ Hepburn: Metaru Suraggu?) is a series primarily of run and gun video games created by SNK. Spin-off games include a third-person shooter and a tower defense game. Originally created for Neo-Geo arcade machines and game consoles, the original games have also been ported to other consoles, with several later games created for various other platforms. The games focus on the Peregrine Falcon Squad, a small group of soldiers who fight against a rebel army, aliens and various other forces intent on world domination. Continue reading Metal Slug


Total War Battles:Kingdom game has been anounced from the studio that made the original game – Creative Assembly.It will be “free-to-play” game and it will be available very soon for PC,Playstation and mobile platforms. Continue reading TOTAL WAR BATTLES:KINGDOM – coming soon