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playing with headset

The Climb

The Climb je najnoviji dragulj sa obale kompanije CryTek. Penjacete se sve u sesnaest po vrletima I hvatacete se sakama za zgodna mesta i poneki put ce postati vrtoglavo, ali uspon ce se nastaviti. The Climb je Oculus Rift igra iz prvog lica u kojoj cete se testirati na akrofobiju. Continue reading The Climb


Space could present terrifying place if you are running low on oxygen.You can compare space to the deep ocean and who knows what is there.In this case,you’ll wake up as Alex Oshima,Commander of the NorthStar Spacestation IV  after it has suffered a colossal disaster which leaves the station in several pieces.First thing you’ll try to do is to get your EVA suit.And of course,oxygen. Continue reading ADR1FT

RPG genre describes my passion..likes to run…trying to be something like author

EVE:Valkyrie review

A multiplayer spaceship dogfighting shooter set in the EVE Universe. The game uses virtual reality to give players the sense of being a real pilot in an EVE Online spaceship and will be released in 2016. Continue reading EVE:Valkyrie review

Stealth Labyrinth

Stealth Labyrinth je pucanje dok se ne izgubite.Nalazeci se u lavirintu i pokusavajuci da nadjete izlaz imacete dosta prilika da gledate neprijatelje preko nisana.Igra se bazira na first-person pogledu i vremenski je ogranicena,tj.imacete odredjeni broj minuta da pronadjete spas. Continue reading Stealth Labyrinth