Parasite Eve will there be a remake

Some fans of Final Fantasy VII have been relentlessly scouring the brief Final Fantasy VII Remake E3 announcement trailer looking for clues about the game. While nothing particularly significant about Final Fantasy VII has been found, a connection to another Square Enix game has been discovered.


The scene in question falls at about the 20 to 22-second mark in Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer, seen below. While attention would generally be drawn to the freeway sign or the cars on the road, the object in question is actually to the right of the road, on the side of a building. The banner, when zoomed in on, contains an image of Aya Brea from the Parasite Eve series, in her standard garb from its latest iteration, The 3rd Birthday. The banner also has the word “Valentina” on it, which brings to mind Final Fantasy VII‘s Vincent Valentine, but otherwise the significance is unknown.

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