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Logitech Brio is World’s First 4K HDR WebCam

There hasn’t been a large outcry among streamers for a 4K webcam, but Logitech went and built one anyway. In doing so, Logitech’s new Brio is the first 4K webcam in the world and the company’s new flagship model in the discrete webcam category. Or as Logitech describes it, the Brio is its “most sophisticated webcam yet.” Continue reading Logitech Brio is World’s First 4K HDR WebCam

On Rusty Trails

It’s difficult, in the modern day, to really put together entirely original ideas in the platformer genre. On Rusty Trails, aware of this, doesn’t bring much that’s new or innovative to the table. Instead, it relies on precise execution of concepts that players are already familiar with. By shying away from complicated new ideas, this deceptively complex title builds a wonderfully designed world of puzzles and lightning-fast reactions to create a fun and challenging experience. Continue reading On Rusty Trails

Metroid II remake

It’s the 30th anniversary of the original Metroid this week, and Nintendo is celebrating by letting off one small party popper at its Kyoto HQ. However, the fans have other ideas for how to mark this auspicious occasion. Yesterday saw the release of the long-teased fan remake of its GameBoy sequel Metroid II, after over eight years of development. I played it a little last night, and it’s excellent so far: a great game in its own right, whether you’ve played Metroid II: Return of Samus or not (I haven’t). Continue reading Metroid II remake