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The truth is you haven’t known true job satisfaction until you’ve thrown a mug of steaming coffee at your boss’s head. A flash of confusion appears on his face, he emits a BZZZT, and then goes back to doing the same thing he was before. Which was explaining the next menial task you have to perform in order to progress to the next menial task after that. The year is 2050, and you are a human in a museum-slash-theme park run by robots that simulates the most boring jobs of the 21st century. Continue reading JOB SIMULATOR review

States, Firms, & Households

A new economic sim where players are firms that try to gain the most profit. Find the right balance of prices and wages to produce what you need, sell your products, and keep your workers fed. Build up a strategy of building choices, locations, trucks, wages, prices, and production targets. Hone in on your strategy with graphs and a feel and understanding of the simulation mechanics Continue reading States, Firms, & Households