Space could present terrifying place if you are running low on oxygen.You can compare space to the deep ocean and who knows what is there.In this case,you’ll wake up as Alex Oshima,Commander of the NorthStar Spacestation IV  after it has suffered a colossal disaster which leaves the station in several pieces.First thing you’ll try to do is to get your EVA suit.And of course,oxygen.


Floating through the space station, what you notice is how stunningly beautiful ADR1FT is.The bright white interior of the various rooms in the station, coupled with the crippling darkness of areas where the light no longer shines produces some of the most gorgeous lighting scenarios I’ve seen in a video game. And the colours. Oh my goodness do they ever stand out. In one instance, I was floating down a long, cylindrical part of the station that acted as a botany lab for the station. The vibrant green of the plants lining the walls was piercing and made me feel like I was floating through a rain forest. Then I came upon a giant tree stored in another piece of the outpost with a dull but somewhat distinct shade of brown as the trunk, and elegant pinkish white petals dotting the limbs. The station itself also featured vibrant colours throughout.

ADR1FT (PC) Review 1

The story goes something like this:after you grab EVA suit you find out that it is mailfunctioning,so you have to keep looking for oxygen tanks around.Goal is to survive,plain and simple.While you are fight for oxygen and survival,you will also be able to keep tracks of what exactly happened with your crew and NorthStar IV.

The idea of lonely astronaut fighting for his own life in space is good all by itself.Gameplay also shines.But the other factors are degrading.Adr1ft is incredibly resource demanding game.With 16GB of RAM memory you will have to decrease level of details so that you could be able to have proper framerate.Game was obviously designed for VR,and bravo to that,but you should be in position to play it without headset,where the game still looks beautiful, but if you try to raise the level of details,even with top hardware you’ll hardly get some notable framerate.

Still,it is enjoyable time with this game.DR1FT combines the terrifying elements of space disasters and loneliness with interesting puzzles, magnificent scenery and a straightforward but gloomy story.

  • developer:Three One Zero
  • publisher:505 games
  • date of release:28.march 2016.

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