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Valve Fixes Steam Security Exploit

A warning went up on the Steam subreddit earlier today cautioning Steam users—so, pretty much all of us—to avoid opening profile pages of other users, and also their own activity feeds. The message is intentionally vague to help avoid spreading details about the exploit and how to use it, but it was posted by a subreddit moderator, while another mod says he’s “investigated and created proofs of concept for this exploit.”  Continue reading Valve Fixes Steam Security Exploit


Space could present terrifying place if you are running low on oxygen.You can compare space to the deep ocean and who knows what is there.In this case,you’ll wake up as Alex Oshima,Commander of the NorthStar Spacestation IV  after it has suffered a colossal disaster which leaves the station in several pieces.First thing you’ll try to do is to get your EVA suit.And of course,oxygen. Continue reading ADR1FT