SNOW the game has been updated to 0.6 version

Free to play open world and winter games.Sounds good? Snow is imagined with different features to explore and it will be free to play.Skiing on tracks.Equip player with well known brands of gear.

gameplay closed beta from march 2015:

Snow is the game that simulates an open-world ski and snowboarding, in which you can speed from one slope to another contiguously, or shoot off the track and and go exploring. There’s little hints here of what the game might become, and for that hour you might spend with it, you’d likely have fun.

Snow is an open-world skiing and snowboarding game that allows players to explore mountainous environments consisting of a range of different routes and discoverable items. This environment can be edited by players, with features such as jumps and rails able to be added dynamically anywhere throughout the area.

Characters can be customized by means of catalogues of popular winter sports brands. Players can compete individually or against their friends in various sporting events and competitions. Different spawn points on the maps can be chosen, allowing for different skiing and snowboarding style

Snow is in the early access right now and demo is available from march 10 2015,on august 19th game has been updated tio version 0.6.The game is currently being developed by Swedish video game developer Poppermost Productions and runs on the latest (4th) generation of CryEngine. Snow is currently in its Closed Beta stage of development and was released on Steam as an Early Access game on the October 10, 2013.

The sound used in Snow was recorded on Kläppen, Sweden using microphones on rails and skis worn by a professional skier.

Snow will be available for PC and Playstation4 .

You can easily expect this to be realistic simulation of skiing,because who would do it better than Scandinavians – the land of snow,mountains and ski sports.


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