HITMAN – Agent 47 episode 5 – Colorado

The opening part of Colorado is an excellent scene-setter. This time, Agent 47 is tasked with taking out different group of  targets: among them – bomb-maker and radical terrorist Sean Rose, former assassin and the militia’s training instructor Maya Parvati.

Four targets may sound like a bit much, but it’s actually an excellent choice as the method of killing each target is vastly different thanks to their colourful characteristics. Assassinating Rose in particular is a fun jaunt, as his OCD and fear of bacteria can be triggered in order to make him vulnerable to attack. Taking down Parvati is entertaining too, as it involves a training game that she’s devised going a tiny bit wrong. There’s also a slurry pit and an exploding smartwatch to take advantage of, so there’s no shortage of creative kills.Hitman Ps4 Rev Scr 2

What’s most interesting about Colorado, though, is that it’s a lot more focused on stealth and disguises – it’s a lot easier to snipe in this map than in previous missions. There are no safe zones – trespassing right from the off, and hopping from cover-to-cover in the hope of finding a uniform in order to blend in. Indeed, you’ll need different outfits (including a scarecrow) to access different areas of the camp, which is fun and adds a puzzle aspect.Hitman Ps4 Rev Scr 1

In terms of content, there are six opportunities, six new weapons – including a TAC-4 S/A Assault Rifle – a new Tactical Gear suit, and 70 new challenges to complete.Hitman Ps4 Rev Scr 3

Hitman: Episode 5 – Colorado may not be as impressive or vibrant as Sapienza or Bangkok, but it brings its own new take to the game. With a newfound focus on stealth, sniping, and uniforms, this latest mission does well to bring back memories of the sneakier Hitman of old.

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