AC SYNDICATE patch 1.3.1 & Jack the Ripper DLC

In preparation for the arrival of the Jack the Ripper DLC today, patch 1.31 is now available and brings with it fixes as well as some ‘fixes’:

  • Added DLC Jack The Ripper support
  • Added additional parameter to AC.ini for disabling cloth motion 30FPS limits
  • Fixed crash in multi-monitor mode in London
  • Fixed FXAA with enabled MSAA
  • Fixed changing of display in fullscreen mode issues
  • Fixed flickering panel in World Map
  • Fixed various render issues
  • Fixed several online issues
  • Minor UI improvementsAssassin's Creed Syndicate Jack the Ripper DLC

These are the PC-specific patch notes—the full list can be found here. To unlock the cloth motion framerate, you need to navigate to your AC.ini settings file under My Documents\Assassins Creed Syndicate, open it in Notepad and set “FlexibleMotionSimulationFPS” equal to 1.

So you can enjoy in various new features.Jack the Ripper

Of course, there’s the Jack the Ripper DLC itself, but there’s confusion over when it’s due to appear. Jack the Ripper is available for purchase from the in-game store (even to season pass holders who should already own it) but not on the Uplay shop or Steam. Regardless, it’s not active yet, but should come alive in the next few hours—why not amuse yourself with this funky VR trailer until then?

Regarding the FXAA fix, several people on the Steam forums are reporting that enabling FXAA is “like i have Vaseline all over my screen” and recommend forcing antialiasing using an external utility for the time being.

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