CITIES SKYLINES : After Dark expansion 30% discount

Sounds almost like a horror title.Instead it’s expansion of the Cities Skylines.Anyhow,why does City Builders only focus on the daytime activities of your metropolis? That’s the issue Colossal Order is trying to address in the first expansion to Cities: Skylines, appropriately titled “After Dark”. The expansion goes live on September 24th for $14.99, but fans of the series need not pay full price.

Update: the 29% After Dark pre-order deal is now expired as the expansion is now released. Details updated below.

If you pre-order before Thursday, you can take advantage of a 29% discount at FunStock Digital. Instantly the game has a discount to $14.26 – nothing to write home about – but before its release date, FSD has a 25% off coupon code which brings a final price of $10.70. You’ll have to act fast on that coupon, though, as it’s only valid while After Dark is a pre-order.

As you’d expect, FunStock is sending out Steam keys via email after you purchase. As mentioned, the deal will only be valid through Wednesday, September 23rd, but even if you miss the date, GMG/Funstock has a 20% to 23% off coupon code you should be able to use on the expansion once it’s released.

The deal works in US Dollars, British Pounds, and Euros. The default currency at FunStock Digital is British Pounds, but you can change that at FunStock on the dropdown menu at the top of the page.


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