We are the Dwarves is a new action-RPG with three unique protagonists that can be controlled separately or together. Either passively or by stopping the action altogether, players can issue commands using their wide variety of abilities.There is a lot of incoming dwarves  these days in the games – there is also  The Dwarves video game from German developers  KingArtGames, announced in june – we wrote about it in june 2015- here is the link – The Dwarves.


There are three different dwarves in the game and you can choose to play as either of them or all three of them at once,each one with specific set of skills.At first blush, We Are the Dwarves is reminiscent of The Lost Vikings.But as this new trailer makes clear, it’s a faster-paced experience than that great old classic, and most of the challenges in question arise from hordes of nasty, murderous space bugs.

Gameplay can be paused to set up command sequences, and enemies will react to your presence in different ways, based on movement, noise, or even your digital scent. You can opt to control a single character or manage all three, and take a stealthy approach to problem-solving or go in loud and hard.

Developed by Whale Rock Studios, the game will release in February 2016 on PC and according to the official website the environment will play a huge part in the action:

“Dangerous swamps, bluffy cliffs, various natural traps, carnivorous plants – each of those can be lethal. The World, Dwarves found themselves in, is full of various dangers but keep in mind that you can turn the hostile environment into your advantage if your positioning is proper.”

As per the norm for games looking to add something unique to their title, We are the Dwarves will be a ‘story-driven’ experience, with the three Dwarven Astronauts the player controls at the center of it all.

“Our game tells the story of Dwarven Starship headed towards The Deep Stone Space in search of new energy sources. Due to the accident the Expedition fails. After the ship wreck only three Dwarven Astronauts survive, finding themselves in far outskirts of the Universe.”

Dwarves are usually associated with the typical fantasy tropes of the cheerless miner that prefers the old-fashioned ways of living, whereas Whale Rock seem to be going down a Sci-Fi route that aims to show dwarves in a whole new light.

You can catch the new trailer below, and gather more information at wearethedwarves.com.

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