Capcom is Putting the Future of ‘Resident Evil’ in Our Hands

Earlier today, Capcom revealed a HD REmaster of the Resident Evil REmake that released on the GameCube way back in 2002. On the surface, this move looks like simple fan service, a way to give longtime fans of the survival horror genre and the series that helped make it popular something they’ve been clamoring for since Resident Evil was taken in a wildly different direction in 2005. In reality, it’s so much more than that. Continue reading Capcom is Putting the Future of ‘Resident Evil’ in Our Hands

Get Even

Get Even is a first-person shooter revolving around the conflict between two characters, one of whom, according to the game website, is named Black, an agent used by the government and other VIPs to collect evidence and formulate cover-ups when needed. “Real” to him is based on what and how much is told or lied about to someone. Continue reading Get Even

The Evil Within

This is a survival-horror action game in which players assume the role of a police detective investigating murders at an insane asylum. As players investigate and explore the mysterious environments, they use knives, pistols, shotguns, and explosives to kill human-like creatures and monsters. Shinji Mikami, best known for his contribution on the Resident Evil series, is directing The Evil Within, with it being one of the most anticipated titles for horror enthusiasts. Continue reading The Evil Within