Get Even

Get Even is a first-person shooter revolving around the conflict between two characters, one of whom, according to the game website, is named Black, an agent used by the government and other VIPs to collect evidence and formulate cover-ups when needed. “Real” to him is based on what and how much is told or lied about to someone.

At some point in the game, Black finds that one of the victims of his cover-up operations isn’t just another average scapegoat.


According to the More Than Reality Developer Diary video, which you can watch below, the main goal of The Farm 51 with Get Even is to reflect what scares us most in our daily lives while still producing fantasy from real-life situations. The fantastical part of Get Even involves the ability to move between different realities, which becomes an integral part of gameplay and progress through exploration. As a shooter, the shooting involved in Get Even is meant to only be a part of the overall experience.

Get Even is set to impress with realistic surrounding, shooting mechanics and recorded weapon sounds. Player movement is also feature that has been worked on hard.One more feature is Oculus Rift support that should add depth to the reality.

date of release:TBA 2015

developer:Farm 51

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