Metro Redux

Metro: Redux is a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One project is from the acclaimed team behind the Metro shooter series.

Metro: Redux is a compilation of the first two Metro games, but exact plans have not yet been announced — developer 4A Games has confirmed that “Metro Redux” is one project the team has explored for its first next-gen console project.

When the bundle was originally announced last month, Deep Silver explained that gameplay has been improved “radically,” and now includes “advanced enemy AI, improved combat and stealth mechanics, superior weapon handling, and more responsive, intuitive controls.” Visuals have also been boosted, now featuring “advanced lighting, dynamic weather, more detailed characters with improved animation, more dynamic destruction, and improved smoke, fire, and particle effects.”

Linux version is also part of the work.

  • developer:Deep Silver
  • date of release:26th august 2014
  • publisher:Deep Silver (Taken from THQ beacause bancrupcy)

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