PES 2015

The beautiful football game is back.In 2013 Konami tried something different, a move to Fox engine that brough a slower, more measured pace and some irritatingly lengthy animations. Not to mention some other features such is camera.But in 2015 version of the game, developers promised to avodi such mistakes.:”The pitch is ours now” can be heard from Konami’s offices. Continue reading PES 2015

The Last of Us remastered

Igra koja se pojavila sredinom 2013. godine dobija svoj redizajnirani oblik za Playstation 4. Ako iz nekog razloga niste igrali ovu igru, letnji dani deluju kao odlicna uvertira za igranje iste.Emotivna prica koja prati rastrojenog starijeg coveka po imenu Joel i devojcicu predpubertetskog uzrasta po imenu Ellie, na njihovom putovanju kroz svet koji se nalazi u stanju rasula. Continue reading The Last of Us remastered


A project to save a devastated world, turned into a disaster of its own. A decade later, four people return to the desert that used to be the Aral Sea, each for his or her own reasons. In the form of a platform adventure game switching between characters with very different abilities, Residue tells the story of the people who tried to change everything, and how it ended up changing them.Residue is also a ghost from our past; the project around which we formed as a group, long before we started calling ourselves The Working Parts. After some years of development and a host of other projects (our entire catalog, really) coming in between, this is the year when we get to take you with us on our journey into the Aral Sea. Continue reading Residue