Crunching Koalas, the team behind the title, promises that its debut outing combines the best elements of Tetris and Lemmings to create a puzzle experience that really tests your wits. Moreover, the game features a level editor, and is both cross-buy and cross-save compatible.


Discover an epic tale of
a crazy cat scientist who
is striving to unlock
the potential
of a mysterious,
machine.MouseCraft plants you in the shoes of a cat scientist – that is to say a scientist that is an anthropomorphic cat, complete with argyle sweater, white lab coat and tiny spectacles. Your experiments, as experiments often do, revolve around leading mice to cheese. Specifically you have to safely guide three mice through a grid-based gauntlet of hazards, ranging from acid to electrified surfaces, evil rat robots and even exploding TNT. The tricky part: You can’t control the mice. They always walk forward, and they automatically jump over small walls and leap off of ledges.

To help your little mice navigate their 2D obstacle course, you can drop tetrominos (i.e. Tetris pieces) in their path, creating platforms for them to traverse. What engages your brain is figuring out how to rotate and stack your pieces so that they create exactly what your mice need to stay safe. These two pieces, when rotated correctly, will create a perfect staircase. Stack this one on top of that one, and you’ve got a nice bridge for your mice to collect their cheesy reward.