Halo 5:Guardians next installment

On recently held E3 conference in L.A. one of the games announced is Halo 5:Guardians.So far, it was confirmed XboX only version, but in the future there will be most certainly PC,Playstaion 3 & 4 and Nintendo as well versions of the game.The Halo (Xbox One) E3 2013 teaser trailer opens in a large desert plain with a cloaked figure traveling across the sand hills.

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Rise of Nations:Extended Edition

Rise of Nations is a real-time strategy computer game, developed by Big Huge Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios on May 20, 2003. The development of the game was led by veteran game designer Brian Reynolds, of Civilization II and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. The game has taken several concepts from turn-based strategy games such as territories and attrition warfare.Rise of Nations features 18 civilizations, playable through 8 ages of world history. Continue reading Rise of Nations:Extended Edition

The Forest

The number one game on Steam right now is The Forest, coming from independent british studio Endnight. Survival horror game puts a player on island  where he  got to survive. Build, explore terrain on this open-world island as you climb on mountains, swim in sea or go in caves.As the autors said it is terrifying first-person experience.As the audience said – they keep purchasing the game.Game was pre-released on may 29th, and official release is through Steam service on may 30th. Continue reading The Forest