The Forest

The number one game on Steam right now is The Forest, coming from independent british studio Endnight. Survival horror game puts a player on island  where he  got to survive. Build, explore terrain on this open-world island as you climb on mountains, swim in sea or go in caves.As the autors said it is terrifying first-person experience.As the audience said – they keep purchasing the game.Game was pre-released on may 29th, and official release is through Steam service on may 30th.

Inside this first-person horror it is possible to build your own house,or some other construction type of base which will protect you. Now, you will do it during the daylight.Collect materials needed to build your base, gather food, prepare the defence! Base you’ve just built, you need to defend during the night time.This concept remind us on the Don’t Starve where you also panically collecting things during the day to be prepared for defence at night.And this concept is widely accepted by the audience that played the above mentioned. We hope it turns out good in The Forest as well. By the gameplays we’ve seen so far it looks very dramatic.Beside building your own base you can also craft weapons and tools to fight the enemies.Because your goal is to survive.


The enemies!!! They are living on the island as clans, and they have their own families, beliefs,morals, and altough they have mutated, they appear almost human in some segments of the game. Description of these mutants and their behavior was very interesting. Rather than acting like dumb, evil monsters, they’ll display caution and empathy for each other. They won’t rush you and explode like Minecraft Creepers. They may follow you from afar, or call for backup when attacked.These pale, humanoid cannibals may want to eat you for supper, but that doesn’t make them evil. They’re just hungry. Not to forget, they can even  simply stalk you from the trees to make sure you don’t invade their turf.



The Forest is so open-ended in its approach that Endnight has daringly chosen not to spell out the goal of the game. Borrowing Myst’s most audacious trick, there will be an ending, but it will be up to players to puzzle out how to even begin pursuing it. There will be no set missions, so players will have to simply go out and explore the world. If they’re thorough and sharp they’ll sort out what to do. If not, that’s fine too. “There is a way to end it, but I think a lot of players will play without ending the game or even realising that there is an ending,” Ben Falcone explains – creative director of the game.



There’s another goal in The Forest – even if it’s not rewarded with a leaderboards spot or credits roll – and that is to explore the landscape. “You might see a landmark off to the distance that you can’t necessarily get to yet. You’ll have to build up a certain number of skills and equipment to actually get to some parts of the world,” explains animator Michael Mellor. “We’re hoping we can provide some curiosity, some passive goals, to give players reasons to go out and figure out more about the world.” As anyone who’s gotten really deep into Shadow of the Colossus can tell you, sometimes accessing hard-to-reach beautiful scenery is its own reward.




The Forest is certainly an ambitious concept and it’s hard not to be sceptical when it’s made by a team of three full-time staff and a handful of contributors, but Endnight has a clear, distinct vision for this project – one that it’s so convicted of that two-thirds of its team left their cushy jobs in the film industry to pursue. With a game launched on may 30th it won’t take too long to see if The Forest can live up to its wondrous potential.


  • Publisher:Kikcstarter
  • Developer:Endnight
  • Date of release: 30.may 2014.