Assasins Creed Unity

Set in a once magnificient Paris, you get involved trough this game into French Revolution and this will be probably the most dense and immersive city in the series.

New features you can watch in this video:

Players will carve their way through a stunning, full-scale open-world Paris, thanks to the power of the new Anvil engine, rebuilt from the ground up for new generation consoles. Assassin’s Creed Unity gives players full control parkour mechanics, a reinvented fighting system for a richer combat experience, a new stealth mode, cover system and crowd manipulation techniques. Players can channel their inner Assassin, customizing weapons, equipment, outfits and specialized skills to match their play style.

In addition to the sprawling single-player campaign, players can join with up to three friends and take part in story-driven online co-op missions designed specifically for Assassins to play together. Skills and unique gear acquired in the single-player missions will be accessible in co-op and will define a player’s personalized Assassin’s style, whether emphasizing brute force, agility or stealth. Players also will select a unique co-op skill that will help the team survive, evade or fight more effectively to the benefit of the team.


  • date of release:28.october 2014
  • publisher: Ubisoft 
  • developer:Ubisoft – Montreal,Annecy,Quebec,Shanghai,Singapore,Kiev,Romania

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