Pix the Cat, a full-on neon blast of arcade goodness staring a bunch of cuboidal cats. It’s like a cross between Snake and Pac-Man Championship Edition, with the titular cats collecting eggs that hatch into ducklings that follow them around, thus making the enclosed mazes smaller and tricker to manoeuvre around in. High score chasing is the goal, with deposited ducklings racking up points for the leaderboards. There’s also an excellent four-player mode if you fancy getting competitive.

you can see the launch trailer:

PIX the CAT is an arcadegame designed to make your pads sore. Rescue forsaken ducklings from the nested levels.

The goal of this game is to set highest score .This is tricky because your speed increases as your combo grows, leaving you with less time to think about which direction you’re going to turn next.Pix the Cat styles itself as the hip reinvention of a stuffy arcade original – apparently the developers even built an arcade cabinet version – and it’s a trick that really works for it, because the whole thing oozes with cool. The retro chic visuals pulsate as you play, the cats and ducklings and little skull enemies suggest some sort of nerdy street art counterculture you want to be included in, and there are lots of neat ideas that create the effect of blending in seamlessly with a hoary old classic, like a speed boost when you time your turns to perfection – and in particular the way you move between puzzle screens.1

As you improve, you become more efficient and better at taking advantage of Fever mode, which activates when your combo is maxed out and allows you to chew up enemies rather than having to avoid them. It’s not long before you’re setting much higher scores, prompting various unlocks, including different announcer voices and a more relaxed puzzle mode called Laboratory, where you have to try to clear a screen in as few moves as possible.

Some of it borrowed but still fun to play

And since it’s free as part of PlayStation Plus this month, Pix the Cat has already been played by thousands of people and won itself a cult following.

Nostalgia mode feels like Pix the Cat at its best. Unlike the main mode it’s played out on a single screen with no combo considerations, but unlike the forgettable Laboratory mode there’s still a time concern. The thing that really makes it work, though, is the puzzle design, which is wonderfully inventive. Decked out like an old-days black-and-white cartoon, with lively piano accompaniment, Pix the Cat’s Mickey Mouse-style ancestor still has to collect eggs to create a train of ducklings, but now there are all sorts of gimmicks.In the level “Minesweeper”, you have to cut the one workable path through a sea of explosive mines to collect every duckling. In “Picture in Picture”, there are four smaller puzzle screens set within the main one, each with their own controllable cat, and your control inputs affect everyone even though the obstacles vary. In “City Blocks”, you face a screen cut up into single lanes that allow you to snake between a latticework of blocks, and as your train of ducklings grows and grows, the challenge is to keep travelling from one side of the city to the other without meeting your tail from the previous crossing.

Now,after teh october’s Playstation version we get Steam version for PC.We will see what,if any difference will be made to the game.


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