Primal Carnage Extinction

VICIOUS DINOSAUR GAMEPLAYTake control of one of nine dinosaur classes in order to combat the human team. Sneaking, blinding, charging, eating, or flying – there’s no shortage of ways to engage the enemy.Primal Carnage: Extinction is a class-based online multiplayer shooter featuring humans versus dinosaurs.


Survive the island as one of five distinct human classes featuring an arsenal of diverse equipment. Obtain and equip new weapons and items via achievement unlocks and item drops earned during play

Explore lush environments and brave a variety of hazards on an island overrun by prehistoric creatures.

Las Vegas, NV – January 16th, 2015 – An update to Primal Carnage: Extinction has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Primal Carnage: Extinction. The major changes include: General Added a respawn timer Improved general Economy/Loadout connectivity Added autobalance* Added missing damage types.

Carneage has been release for PC on december 03,2014 and for Plasytation4 it will be released in Q1 of 2015-now it is in early Steam access.Patch 0.9 for PC version is released on january 19. 2015.

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