Below is narrative dungeon crawler and RPG card game that you can play in your browser.In this game you choose your own adventure-book.In Below your life in the world above is as important as your adventures beneath it and you have to make your  in-game desicions very carefully,because it determines your character.

Below Gameplay,Trailer & Interview from E3:

Only fool would risk his life for gold,as the authors of the game say.But would you do it,they ask,to protect your family,to drive out the invaders from your homeland,to gain revenge that you seek.

In this game you can choose in between 5 characters for now.


elow is a card game crossed with a choose-your-own-adventure book. As you explore the dungeon you’ll draw cards from the Below deck to represent the dangers, denizens and paths you take. As they take their toll you’ll draw cards from the Above deck to represent your memories of your life before you came down here. Your memories may sustain you in the dark, but the more you play, the higher the stakes that drove you into the dungeon become.

The contents of your decks are determined by the choices you’ve made so far. Each card represents a chunk of story. Clicking on a deck fills your hand from it, showing the stories available to you. This is the main play screen:A screenshot of the main play screen for Below


Below started as a Kickstarter project.

But while it didn’t attract the large-scale interest needed to justify committing a whole company to its development, as a (mostly) one-person project it made more sense. Failbetter signed the rights and assets to Below over to its lead designer, who is now working full time to complete the game.

You can keep up-to-date on the game’s development at its blog.


Below’s dungeons are terrifying, mysterious places rooted in the land’s history. By exploring them you will uncover the world’s secrets and piece together its lost stories.

Copperlamps Hold

Spiteful knot-goblins guard a thrice-locked door of iron. In the labyrinth behind the door lie ninety-nine lamps of copper. Each, they say, holds a different wish. Can you survive the immortal intrigues of the goblins? What is the wish you seek? How will you pit desire against danger, and who will you give to the Power that waits in the last lamp?

The Isle of the Fire-Queen

At night, the archipelago burns on the horizon. A dragon lairs there. The same dragon that once scoured Gallowmoor, and was the death of the Bellringer. Descend to the broken city where the dragon prowls and roars. Are you her sister, her prophet, her seducer, her slayer? What was she to the Bellringer? And what will she be to you?

The Sunken Tower

The wizard who lived here was powerful, but he desired more. He was taught an unwise word by the Masters under the earth, and its echoes dragged his last home beneath the earth.  The wizard’s Bone-Book and Cauldron of Keys remain here, down here among the broken stones and twisted spells. Why do they haunt your dreams? What is the power that grows in your tears? Seek them, but beware echoes. Beware labyrinths. Above all, beware mirrors…

These are few of the dungeons that you can find in the game.

Now the basic premise of the developers was to create tough game.This should not be the kind of game you cross over for one lazy afternoon.You have to think,act,find a solution to each puzzle in the game. Yuo have to explore this world without getting hints.Devlopers wanted to make a situation in which player uncover the story,but during the game you dont know what is happening.

The graphic is, as you can see from the video above,is very dark.You play as a very,very,very tiny character.But visually big portion of levels is beautiful.Fog,sun,clouds – weather changes as you play.

Below is Xbox exclusive game.You can download game once it’s released and release date is not precise yet,but it shoud be somewhere during 2015.

Capybara is developer company that worked heavily on this game.Capybara (“Capy”) compared the game to “roguelikes of yore”, as a “roguelike-like” with design choices like permanent death and high difficulty.Capy president and co-founder Nathan Vella called the game the company’s largest by number of features, artwork, and development time and,again,difficulty.

  1. developer:Capybara
  2. publisher:Microsoft  Games
  3. date of release:TBA 2015.

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