MXGP:The Official Motocross Videogame

The official motocross videogame  MXGrandPreex has been released for Playstation 3 some time ago, and now is available on Playstation4 ,PC and XboX also .Game brings you several  different mods, motocross championship,tutorials, 60 riders to choose  between.trailer:


One of the most important things in this kind of games, is physics.Now, riding physics has been strong suit of this series. You can also switch- toggle between first-person/third -person mode while you ride .It’s nothing new ,you say.It is not, allow me to answer, it is not new, but in this game it looks so very different,almost like it is new.XGP – The Official Motocross Videogame offers players unparalleled realism as they zoom through each sweeping turn and breathtaking jump.Now,that’s what I’m talking ’bout – and a big, arrogant smile in audience faces.Anyhow the feel is really good, as you ride, while you are jumping, turning, even when you are breaking, you have a feel of a real thing._0002_Cairoli



Graphics, well, what to say about it. MXGP has been restrained when graphic innovations are about to be placed in their games.Something we can easily say for this newest version of the game,as well.It is not bad, but its far from “wooow”.359994

Fans of the series will definitely enjoy next feature – 60 drivers – from 2013, lets not forget to say,14 tracks available,but  with each driver, each track, they will have chance to enjoy beacause of the little details invested in them.“But most importantly, the game is a blast to play for newbies to the sport; who can now experience the thrilling jumps, the heated takeovers and the mud! This is a down-and-dirty racer, and I think gamers of all stripes will fancy the game.” – says  Chris Gilbert,Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc.


PlayStation©4 Version

4 brand new track, for a full MXGP experience: Italy – Arco di Trento; Bulgaria – Sevlievo ; Czech Republic – Loket; Europe – Lierop.
Plate: As in reality, the rider who is leading the championship points standings has his own number plate with a different background color (red).
The changing of light on the controller depends on the bike’s engine RPM.2416735-trailer_mxgp_gameplaycairolimaggiora_20140109

Also,there is a patch available by now:

MXGP Patch 1.001 (PC & Digital)
-Fix on the Online Championship stability
-Fix on the Sprint Season stability
-Game version management included
(Only players who have updated the game can now play together online)
-Minor bug fix on Leaderboards
-Fix on the Achievements

You can download it at the:

mxgp racing track Pauiln in BrazilMXGP – The Official Motocross Videogame is scheduled for release in the Americas on the Xbox 360, PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 computer entertainment systems and will be available as a digital release on Xbox 360, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, PlayStation®Vita system and PC on November 18, 2014. For more information on BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc. game titles and products, please visit