ROCKET LEAGUE getting DLC in august

Rocket League is basically soccer played by cars that can fly. It’s so hot right now, and everyone who’s anyone is playing it, as evidenced by these motivational tips from some of the greatest sports figures of all time. Now more is on the way: Developer Psyonix announced today that the first paid DLC release, Supersonic Fury, will be out in August, alongside a free update that will add a number of new features, including Spectator Mode. Continue reading ROCKET LEAGUE getting DLC in august

Galactic Civilizations 3

There’s often a fine line between revolution and evolution, and which side is ‘right’ varies dramatically from game to game. Sometimes we want the next best thing. Sometimes we want a thing we like, simply done better. That’s what GalCiv 3 offers—not so much picking up where the last game off as returning to its template with a stern expression, some better technology, and a few years of lessons well learned. Continue reading Galactic Civilizations 3

King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember review

Sierra.Adventure.Nostalgia.This does bring some memories from the past.Altough memories are usually from the past,arent they.Question is,did you play King’s Quest before.Even if you didn’t you could easily start to like this game,this remake,so to say,of once very popular serie. Continue reading King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember review