METAL GEAR SOLID V news and no preload option

The PC release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was originally set for September 15, two weeks after the September 1 release of the console versions. But a few weeks ago, Konami announced that it had moved the date up, so the PC edition would be out on September 1 as well. Good news! The less good news, delivered today by Metal Gear Community Manager Robert Allen Peeler, is that there won’t be a preload option on Steam. Continue reading METAL GEAR SOLID V news and no preload option

CUPHEAD – new co-op for XboX & hand-drawn animations

Cuphead is a run and gun platform video game,drawn in the 1930’s cartoon style.Cuphead is one of the best games for Xbox shown at E3 2015.Its development began in 2010, and they worked on the game from their respective homes in Toronto and Saskatchewan. Continue reading CUPHEAD – new co-op for XboX & hand-drawn animations


Paradox is making new strategy – Stellaris, and stage will be set in space this time.Internal development studio, well known for its historical strategy games Crusader Kings IIand Europa Universalis, is heading into the future for the first time with Stellaris. You explore, wage war and conduct diplomacy in procedurally generated star systems populated by procedurally generated aliens. You can research technologies that might  “completely shatter your concepts of civilization”, and design your own battleships to shatter other species’ concepts of civilization. Continue reading STELLARIS