CUPHEAD – new co-op for XboX & hand-drawn animations

Cuphead is a run and gun platform video game,drawn in the 1930’s cartoon style.Cuphead is one of the best games for Xbox shown at E3 2015.Its development began in 2010, and they worked on the game from their respective homes in Toronto and Saskatchewan.


The game features a branching level sequence[and is based around continuous boss fights.Cuphead keeps weapons between deaths.Cuphead has a parry abillity and parrying various color coded objects will fill up a special meter that will enable Cuphead to perform a special move. The levels are accessible through an action RPG-style world map with its own secret areas. The game has a two-player cooperative mode that adds another human player to the single-player boss battles playing as Mugman.

Cuphead is the first game by Studio MDHR, a indie game development studio consisting of brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer.The Moldenhauers watched 30s cartoons in their youth, which Chad Moldenhauer describes as happenstance, based on gifts and VHS compilations. Among other siblings in their Regina, Saskatchewan childhood home, the two shared aesthetic taste and interest in gameplay. They attempted a game in the style of Cuphead in 2000, but lacked the tools to continue.The animation techniques behind Cuphead are similar to that of the 1930s cartoons.The Moldernhauers described Cuphead as having a difficult, “retro game” core for its emphasis on gameplay over plot.Though the game was shown during the Xbox press event of Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 to audience approval, Cuphead was not available to play. The game’s art was estimated to be 40 percent complete as of July 2014. Cuphead is expected to be extended via expansion packs

Ben Kuchera of Polygon wrote that Cuphead was one of the five most interesting reveals at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, even though he knew little about the game apart from its aesthetic. He said it “stood out immediately” and that everyone in the website’s press room viscerally reacted to the trailer.Cuphead won theIGN Best Xbox One game at E3 award in 2015.

Over the past month, Cuphead artist Jake Clark has shared a collection of hand-drawn animations from the run-and-gun platforming game.

Clark has showcased the pencil animations on his Tumblr blog, giving the public a behind-the-scenes look at the bosses and enemies from Cuphead. Below are a couple of examples of his collection, with a look at the game’s mermaid boss as well as miniboss Jelly.


Cuphead is coming in 2016 for PC and XboX.

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