Xbox’s Games With Gold 2014 Library NORMAL PRICE

Games With Gold, the monthly subscription service tied to Xbox Live Gold accounts, gave away $585 worth of games in 2014.Games released in 2014 for Games With Gold includes Sleeping Dogs, Dead Island, Dark Souls, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, Halo Reach.That means an annual $60 Gold subscription represents a saving as big as $525 for those who maximize the value of the service.

These calculations, which were first brought to light by Polygon, were spurred by a separate investigation which found that all of 2014’s PlayStation Plus games would normally cost $1,350.Although the difference in savings between both services is quite sizable, this is partly because PlayStation Plus offers free games across PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PlayStation 3, whereas Games With Gold is only applicable to Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Furthermore, Games With Gold launched on Xbox One in June, skewing the comparison further.

There is an additional bonus for Xbox Live Gold subscribers; the free games available on Xbox 360 can be still be played regardless of whether the customer’s Gold subscription expires. This does not apply to Xbox One games, however, as an active Gold subscription is always required for access.

It is also calculated that the average Metascore for Games With Gold offerings is 78, which is roughly the same as PlayStation Plus.

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