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Bethesda se udruzuje sa AMD-om

Kao sto je i ocekivano, AMD je pomalo pricao o dolazecoj VEGA GPU arhitekturi grafickih karata tokom njhovog eventa  Capsaicin & Cream na gejming konvenciji GDC 2017.Nova generacija ce se zvati Radeon RX Vega, radije nego da je nazivaju po brojevima.Medjutim, jedan od sefova u Radeon kompaniji, Raja Koduri, je objavio jedinstveno partnerstvo izmedju Bethesda-e i AMD-a. Continue reading Bethesda se udruzuje sa AMD-om

Samsung to produce ultra huge displays

Samsung has plans to make 32:9 uberwide displays, officially called ‘double full HD’ (DFHD), according to TFTCentral. The panel will be 49-inches wide, with a 3840×1080 resolution. It’s basically the equivalent of a pair of 27-inch 1080p displays, built as a single panel. The panel will feature an 1800R curvature, which is far curvier than what we see on 21:9 aspect ratio displays—and the extra curve makes sense given the size of the panel.

Continue reading Samsung to produce ultra huge displays

Valve Fixes Steam Security Exploit

A warning went up on the Steam subreddit earlier today cautioning Steam users—so, pretty much all of us—to avoid opening profile pages of other users, and also their own activity feeds. The message is intentionally vague to help avoid spreading details about the exploit and how to use it, but it was posted by a subreddit moderator, while another mod says he’s “investigated and created proofs of concept for this exploit.”  Continue reading Valve Fixes Steam Security Exploit