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Monster Hunter: World is “targeting a stable 30fps across all platforms,” according to a tweet from a Capcom community manager, which could be taken to mean that the PC version will either be locked to or designed for low framerates. However, the tweet was in response to a question about the console versions, and we’ve confirmed that this statement doesn’t apply to the PC. 


“The comments regarding framerate we’ve shared publicly apply to the Xbox One and PS4 versions,” a Capcom rep told PC Gamer after we asked for clarification.

Even if the first PC Monster Hunter game were to target 30 fps on low or mid-range PC hardware, that doesn’t necessarily rule out 60 fps or better performance on PC. Capcom’s recent history helps put us at ease: Street Fighter 5 has a 60 fps cap, while Dragon’s Dogma and Resident Evil 7 can both be pushed past 144Hz. That said, we haven’t confirmed any hard details about the PC version of Monster Hunter: World, except that it will be releasing after the console versions.

Yesterday, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Yuya Tokuda relayed to PC Gamer (through a translator who combined their answers) that the Monster Hunter: World PC version will not be “an outsourced port.” Because of that, Tsujimoto and Tokuda say they’re spending extra time on the PC version to “make sure it’s optimized and fine-tuned for the PC as much as possible.”

“In terms of going over and above the console versions in terms of specs or features, we’re kind of running towards the development time now where we’re going to have the general game done, and then once we’ve got that in the can we can look towards what we can do for PC gamers,” the developers said. “So, we don’t really have anything we can talk about at the moment.”

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source:PC Gamer

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