Turtle Rock studio is finalizing development of horror-shooter Evolve” and intro cinematic has been released


 Evolve was scheduled to be released worldwide on October 21, 2014 but was later delayed until February 10, 2015.In spite of delays, Evolve was released to select PC gamers, as well as players on the Xbox One, during the Big Alpha event of November 1st 2014 through November 4th 2014. A closed beta, starting on January 16th 2015, has also been announced for PC players of Evolve, while open beta trials of Evolve on Xbox One have been scheduled for January 15th 2015 through to January 19th 2015, and eligible Playstation 4 users gain access to the closed beta on January 17th 2015.
Final release of the game is set to febryary 10th 2015.


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