Assassins Creed:Victory

ASSASSIN’S CREED is set to get another instalment next year set in Victorian era London, but some fans are not so keen to see such a quick return for the franchise.


So the next chapter of the game will be set in Victorian London.

England’s Victorian era was designated by the entirety of Queen Victoria’s lifespan. That’s 1837-1901 A.D. Not exactly a short period of time. However, some fine attention to detail has possibly narrowed down the time-frame that Victory will take place during. 

We have deduced that the majority, if not all, of the game will take place from 1878 onwards. This is due to the the fact that:

1. The construction on Big Ben was completed in 1858.
2. Electric street lighting in London began in 1878, as seen in the train station and on the street.Assassins Creed Victory

But there are other things that Alpha (a forum member) has noticed that would lead one to believe the game is set further in time. An ad can be seen for “Havelock Tobacco” in the last screen from Kotaku, among many others. We have traced this product to being sold in 1891, but these are minor details. Although, 1891 easily fits into the time frame.

Now that we have a smaller time period nailed down, let’s take a look at some of the monumentsthat’ll surely be included. Ubisoft does love to build faithful recreations of landmarks, after all.

This is Saint Margaret’s. The building Sam (half the users have settled on “Samuel Fey” as the protagonist’s name; the other half is outraged by this unfounded designation) is seen sitting on in the first screen. The placement is very accurate and through my research on Google Earth, and heavy analyzation of the screen, I am sure that they are the same place. You can also see a Google Earth pic of Westminster Abbey in the last pic. If you are unfamiliar with London, you may be surprised to find that it and the Notre Dame are very similar.

Next up is Saint Paul’s Cathedral. It is seen rising highly above the other buildings, so much so that I don’t see how the scale is 100% accurate.Assassin's Creed fans' best guesses for Victory in painstaking detail photo

Buckingham Palace: this London residence and principal workplace of the monarchy of the United Kingdom was built in 1703 but expanded in the 19th century. This magnificent palace is right across the street from Sam’s viewpoint in the first pic (you can probably see it from there) so it is very likely that this will be in the game. Fun fact: Wolve’s ancestors helped build the palace.

Lastly is the train station seen. This has been confirmed to be the Charing Cross Railway Station, because of it’s location on the horizon in screenshot #1 and the distance between the two.

The game should be eventually released during 2015 for PC,XboX and PLAYSTATION  respectively

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