Twitch hits 100 million users

Last year, Twitch hit the impressive milestone of 100 million unique viewers per month, the games streaming service has announced.

Twitch launched a little website yesterday highlighting that impressive number and other stats from 2014. Last year, the site also hit a peak of 1 million concurrent viewers, 11 million total videos broadcast per month, and 1.5 million unique broadcasters per month.

You can see the most impressive milestones in the image above, and check out the full 2014 report onTwitch’s website. If nothing else, it help to explain why Amazon, which bought the company in August of last year, thought it was worth $1 billion.

Earlier this month, Twitch introduced Twitch Music, a library of 500 of pre-cleared, mostly EDM songs that streamers can use without having to worry about copyright infringement.

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