The Witness

The Witness is new game coming from the designer Jonathan Blow, the author of 2008 independent award-winning  game Braid.

This one could be put under  mistery-puzzle-thriller game category .You find yourself in some house, having no memory of who you are, what are you doing or why are you here.Further exploring lead you to the fact that you’re on island,very strange island, full of puzzles.You will encounter desert ruins, castles, some kind of hybrid laboratory-art gallery.At some points in the game, you will come across some recordings, narative records that will give you some unrelated hints.You’ll also find out that the voice on these recordings belongs to someone who knows whats happening on the island.Could it be that this person is responsible for what’s going on?!

Hand made graphic, calming music notes fully fit in this game. In-game visual components have been changed during 2012, so release date has been moved for quite some time now.According to the authors blog, the tiny details are very important to the backstory, so the graphic had to be refreshed.

Publisher:Number None.Inc

Developer:Number None.Inc

Date of release:TBA 2014