Making History:The Great War

The third game in the tactical and informative Making History strategy games, Making History: The Great War challenges players in World War I scenarios for the first time in the game series.


New turn based strategy game puts you in a role of leader of a nation.Can you change & alter the course of history?Conquering other nations will be one of the features, but not the only one.

Todays victory can easily lead to collapse of economy, to instability, rebellion.Failing to invest in economy, or technology, or arms could be costly mistake.Victory also calls for diplomacy.Create alliances,declare spheres of influence, and make demands on your neighbors.Compete with other nations to exploit the resources needed to build an industrial age economy.Play as the leader of one of the great powers or try your hand at one of the smaller nations attempting to survive.

There is already a bunch of mods on the adress So the game promises a lot.Strategy games have a lot of open space to take.