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One of the first games to play on Playstation 1,back in ninetees for me was Tomb Raider and Lara Croft.I remember playing the levels and joy that it produced.It was something really new.First levels,bear traps,jumping,solving puzles how to get to the next level.Years and years went but now that I saw footage my feeling is that this new version could be the same level of excitement.


The Xbox YouTube account has just posted 13 minutes of footage from Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Gamescom demo. Of course, as we now know, Rise of the Tomb Raider isn’t just coming to Xbox. Lara’s enduring struggle to not be bashed or slashed into oblivion will arrive on PC early next year.

Last week, during Microsoft’s Gamescom presentation, we saw a more action-oriented slice of the game.

But in this footage jumping,struggling to get to the next point,graphics of course,all of this reminds on the real thing how this game should be looking.

Lara Croft saga should be about exploring, finding a solution,occasionaly fighting,but what it shoul not be – shouldnt be shooter.What some of previous versions tried to do.Of course this IS just a footage,just a piece of the puzzle what should be completed game.

Lara is younger and this game is kind of prequel,showing her making her steps to became real explorer.Her look could well suit to present her younger days,I mean judging by the first game I’ve mentioned earlier in the text,she could be looking like this at her younger age.What I dont fancy is her voice.Voice acting has been done proffessionaly,but I dont like the tone of her voice.It reminds me at CSI female agent or something.But then again,maybe that’s just me.


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