From out of nowhere, the Raspberry Pi 2 has been released for sale.

The latest model comes in at the same price as the B+ model, costing just $35. In terms of specs, the Raspberry Pi 2 comes equipped with a a 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, 1GB LPDDR2 SDRAM and of course, features complete compatibility with Raspberry Pi 1.


The Raspberry Pi Foundation also revealed plans to incorporate Windows 10 into the current model. According to the company’s website, The Foundation has been working with Microsoft for the past six months in order to bring Windows 10 to Raspberry Pi 2. Furthermore, the Pi 2-compatible version of Windows 10 will be completely free of charge to makers.

The company plans to continue production of the current models. As explained in the Raspberry Pi 2 FAQ, while there is demand for the Pi 1 Model B and Model B+, the Foundation will continue to meet said demand. Both boards will continue to sell for $35.

For those unfamiliar with the Raspberry Pi, the device itself is a credit card-sized, inexpensive home PC created by The Raspberry Pi Foundation. The foundation’s goal is to advance education in adults and children through the field of computing.

You can get the Raspberry Pi 2 over on the official site. For more on what the other models offer, be sure to check out this link. IGN Logo


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