Narcosis has been mentioned somewhere during the autumn 2014.Game is all about deep sea survival horror atmosphere. We do not know just yet when well be available to dive into the depths of pacific sunless sea.trailer:

Deep sea survival horror video game Narcosis is set in the sunless depths of the Pacific Ocean and sounds like something we and our readers would dig playing.  While we don’t know exactly when we’ll all be able to do so, an early trailer and several screenshots landed in our inbox this week so of course we had to share them!

Narcosis began as a project at ENJMIN, a prestigious video game school in Angouleme, France, and earned an Honorable Mention in the 2013 Independent Games Festival’s Student Competition category.

Per the Narcosis Facebook page, the below video is a not-quite-official trailer… a few rough edges, but a good measure of how far the project’s come, and where we plan to take it…”

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