ROUTINE – horror from Lunar Software


Announced in june 2013 this indie horror has been held in secrecy.No too much information is available on this game.Some developers tell us way too much about their games and by the time we’ve got it in our hands, we already know everything about it. It’s nice to see a developer hold back information about their games so the experience is completely fresh for players. However, sometimes it’s nice to post just a small update on your game to let people know it’s still in production.

Judging Lunar Software’s Twitter feed, an update in the near future would probably be in their best interest considering they’re asked almost every day if the game is in development still or not.

However, there is good news to share. According to Aaron’s Twitter feed, the developers have set an internal release date to reach, but are withholding announcing that date in-case they need more time to finish up the game. Aaron reiterated the development is going quite well though and the development team hopes to release an update on the project “soon”.

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