Mad Max is an upcoming single-player third-person open-world action and adventure game.There is standalone story that moves this video game and it is not tied to the movie. Avalanche studios is responsible for game making and Warner Bros is publisher of this game that is expected to be released on september 1, 2015 and it will be available for Playstation,PC and XboX.



The game is primarily focused on open-world car combat, but also features on-foot combat similar to the Batman Arkham series. Vehicles in the game will be heavily customizable, and feature many parts to upgrade via collecting scrap found in the world and collected from enemies. Car combat will involve doing enough damage to the car to destroy it, or taking out the driver after peeling away enough of the car’s armor to get at them. Enemy cars defeated in this way can be captured and driven by the player.Players will start the game with nothing other than will to survive.

First task in the game will be to create a new car –  Magnum Opus and to customize it to be stronger,reducing ferocity from impact of the other cars, improving vehicle speed and so on which you can see in a detailed categories below:

Customization Categories

  • Ramming Grill: Increases ramming damage, reduces handling/speed
  • Armor: Increases durability, reduces speed
  • Engine: Increases speed
  • Exhaust: Increases top speed
  • Tires: Slicks provide better on-road grip while off-road tires work better in the dirt
  • Suspension: Increases handling, especially for heavy vehicles
  • Boost: Nitro provides a temporary surge of speed for ramming, pursuing etc.
  • Rims: Add spikes to your wheels to do additional damage to the enemy’s armor
  • Boarder Spikes: A defensive weapon that prevents raiders from jumping on your vehicle
  • Sniper Rifle: Provides a ranged combat option for picking Raiders off at a distance
  • Harpoon: Operated by Chumbucket, the harpoon can pull off enemy armor, grab drivers etc
  • Thunderpoon: When equipped with an explosive cap, the Harpoon becomes extra lethal
  • Side Burners: Side-mounted flamethrowers do additional damage to Raiders
  • Repair Speed: Increases the rate at which Chumbucket repairs the Magnum Opus
  • Car Body: Mostly visual, allows the player to change the appearance of the car
  • Body Color: Allows for recoloring of the vehicle
  • Hood Ornament: Collected from defeated enemy leaders, these provide a buff to your stats

Survival part is a bit more difficult than finding pieces for your car and putting them together.Max has to eat in order to live.You will be finding food lying arround and of course, Max can eat dogs food from the can.Other than eating you’ll have to upgrade you armor as you do with your vehicle.You’ll add upgrades either to improve armor strength or to maximize number of hits that Max can take and survive in a gunshot.

One of the important parts of the wasteland atmosphere are looters.Because this is an open world there is a big focus on it.You can expect looters from other fractions to attacklooking to take your loot.You can use binoculars according to one scene which shows Max by the side of the road, looking for potential enemies over the desert.

Not everyone is out to kill Max, mind. The player will meet characters looking for help, some of which rule over small fortresses, which – with the player’s help – can be upgraded to offer more aid.

While out in the wasteland, players will need to do battle with the unpredictable elements of nature, be it sandstorms or bolts of lightning.


Mad Max is due for release on September 1 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. If the latest trailer’s whetted your appetite for destruction, feel free to take a gander at all the latest screens

game requirements:

4 GB of RAM memory available
GD RAM hardware score: 6

 Win 7 64-bit
DX 11

 25 GB of hard disc space available



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