Telltale’s series is founded in the world, characters and events seen in HBO’s television show, which in turn is based on George R. R. Martin’s books (A Song of Ice and Fire).

Game of Thrones Episode 1 is available since december 2nd. It is made for all kind of different platforms,including Playstation 4, XboX360,PC, and for the price of 5dollars per episode or 20-30 dollars for full compilation.

Here’s what the critics are saying about Iron From Ice, the first of six episodes in Telltale’s adventure series.

GameSpot — 8/10

“Telltale has again successfully paired itself with a franchise that knows how to wring emotion from its audience. Game of Thrones is off to a slow but not uneventful start, with an almost unfairly large heap of teases and promises for the next episode. The pacing is true to its source material–slow, taking its own time–but the payoff for major scenes is worth wading through. If the show makes you scream, the game will make you scream, because it’s difficult not to get wrapped up in the struggle to serve and hold up your house. It’s a game about family told in perhaps the most un-family-friendly environment in fantasy fiction, and in a way that will leave you sick with delight and sadness as the credits roll.” – Alexa Ray Corriea [Full review]

IGN — 8/10

“Tough decisions, well-acted original characters in interesting situations, and a strong, provocative ending kick off Telltale’s new Game of Thrones series in a great way. Its nature as a side-story to the HBO show means we won’t get to decide the fate of Westeros, but this introduction is convincing evidence that the future of House Forrester puts enough at stake to make choices matter.” – Dan Stapleton [Full review]

PCGamesN — 5/10

“These episodic adventures absolutely rely on interesting characters and emotional investment, because they don’t really have much in the way of traditional systems. There are no puzzles, no pixel hunting, nothing other than conversations and quick-time events. Iron From Ice doesn’t even have much of the latter, either. Absent gripping protagonists or a different take on this already well-trodden world, it doesn’t offer very much at all. It’s basically a re-run of HBO’s show, and you can already watch that on the telly.” – Fraser Brown [Full review]

The Escapist — 4/5

“The first episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones series isn’t exactly groundbreaking but it successfully draws you in to learn what happens next to the Forresters. The art style and the vocal talents are superb and the new characters feel ripped from Martin’s pages, for better or worse.” – Greg Tito [Full review]

Polygon — 6.5/10

“Iron from Ice has enough interesting choices and more than enough tension to grab me as a Game of Thrones enthusiast, and at its best this episode suggests the desperation of the books and show. It forces you to react to horrific circumstances. But anyone new to the setting will likely become bored long before anything interesting happens. So far, Telltale’s game leans too heavily on prior investment in this world. It’s possible all of this is leading someplace interesting, and the final scene shows the kind of spirit and verve missing in the first two hours. But Iron from Ice is a rocky start to a promising story.” – Ben Kuchera [Full review]

Game Informer — 8.5/10

“Duplicating its success from The Walking Dead, Telltale has created an excellent new way for fans to enter Westeros–one that has a unique vibe that sets it apart from the books and show. The Forresters’ story boils with intrigue in this first episode, and with Telltale’s scribes mimicking George R. R. Martin’s cruel pen, concludes with a cliffhanger and chaos.” – Andrew Reiner [Full review]


“The only thing that Game of Thrones has going against it is the nature of its story, which is full of betrayal, death, malice, and hopelessness. If you find yourself at the end of Game of Thrones episodes feeling emotionally exhausted, then actually putting yourself in the position of characters who face those kind of no-win situations is perhaps not a great idea. Everything you feel while watching the show you will feel even more acutely as you play Iron From Ice, because this time you’re not a spectator, you’re a participant. Of course, this is also what many players will find appealing, the chance to finally test your mettle and force your will upon the world where winter is coming. You probably know which kind of fan you are, so choose accordingly.” – Susan Arendt [Full review]

As you can see yourself, the game ratings  differ greatly coming from different websites.Much of these ratings depends,I assume,from expectations based on TV show.

Some old faces, some of them new, check for yourself in this exciting game,available in december 2014.

Developer:Teltale Games

Publisher:Telltale Games

Date of release:02.december 2014.